Avril Lavigne - candids at Koi 15-01-2008

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  2. i love how they match each others look
  3. I want to rip that pink streak out of her hair. It's all I could stare at.
  4. :yucky: Her and her psuedo-punk husband.
  5. yeah, I have friends that are real punk rockers and they laugh at people like this.
  6. Ew! Sorry, I don't like her.
  7. i am NOT feeling her hubby's pants, belt, or shoes.
  8. :roflmfao: Me too!
  9. they both are so over the top EMO looking! hahah it makes me laugh. I wouldn't mind the pink streak so much if it was in a different spot. I looks like she streaked it with pink kool-aid
  10. Her hair is so burned out!
  11. Well, she wants to be a pseudo-rock star so she had to choose a husband who would suit her. Guess they belong to each other.

    Hate them both.
  12. blech I am sooo sick of hearing about her...she hasn't even done anything lately...