Avril into Chanel. . .Who Woulda Thunk it :]

  1. Shes growing up. I never in a million years thought shed go for a Chanel.
    av.JPG avril_lavigne.jpg
  2. Yea, she's more into the classic looks lately. No more punk rock
  3. i love her
  4. she's very stilish now, but i like also the way she used to be a couple of years ago!
  5. I love Avril's music. She's so pretty too!
  6. She even has the Chanel reporter I want oh so badly!!

  7. She's such a pretty girl! I love her new look... and I liked her old look too!
  8. She has such a nice body, I heard she used to be a cheerleader(?) Her eyes look amazing here -
    avril lavigne-05.jpg
  9. yeah, I like Avril's new look too. I wonder if she will still keep this look if she releases a new CD. I like her music.
  10. Sigh those Chanels are so pretty I wouldn't be suprised to see George Bush toting those around! Avril looks great!
  11. she looks more like a lady now :P
  12. I've seen her on a number of pics carrying Chanel..way to go Avril!!
  13. Don't like her, but I like her boyfriend :shame:
  14. she looks so pretty now!!!!
    loving her chanels!