Avril and her MJ

  1. Perfect photo to check out size.... I'm being to love this bag.

  2. great pic and great bag :smile:
  3. Great bag!! she is soooo cute gr~~~~~~~~~~
  4. That looks great on her!
  5. This is a great photo of a beautiful bag. Thanks for posting.
  6. :smile: I think she's looking more and more grown up.
  7. Woowoo! Go girl!
  8. great bag.
  9. Great pic. When I saw the black IRL, I thought it looked a little boring, but now I want it! It is really growing on me. I have the bronze, but black would be really nice to have. Sigh....
  10. Great bag. It's a shame she's carrying it. I cannot stand her.
  11. Thanks for posting.
  12. Thats exactly what I thought too..I think she ruins the bag for me :hrmm:
  13. the bag looks great on her! and she looks great too
  14. Cute bag...looks heavy though...