Avon Stocking Stuffers for under $1

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  1. Avon has a few items for under $1 that would make great stocking stuffers. Per Slick Deals use the following for Free Shipping:
    Avon Coupon: AVON7FS for FREE SHIPPING Exp 12/06/07
    Avon Coupon: eREPFS for FREE SHIPPING
    Avon coupon: ENT2007 Free shipping on any order Exp 12/31/07
    Avon coupon: ENTAV2007 Free Shipping on order Exp 12/31/07

    Some items...
    • Festive Treats Lip Balm $0.49
    • Disney Lip Balms $0.69
    • Avon Basics Care Deeply w/Aloe 2008 Calendar Lip Balm $0.69
    • Gingerbread Man Emery Board $0.69
    • Holiday Hand Cream $0.89
    • Truffle Delights Lip Gloss $0.99
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