Avon dry enamel

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  1. has anyone used the Avon nail polish that is like sticky stickers for your fingers?
  2. I haven't tried Avon's, but I tried a different brand from Walgreens. Maybe with practice it could be worth it, but these things were SUCH a pain in the butt to apply and they were peeling off the next day, despite the fact that I followed the instructions precisely. They didn't even look as good as normal nail polish IMO. I definitely wouldn't buy them again :sad:
  3. hmmm, how much were the walgreens ones? I think I like the Avon ones, but need practice!
  4. I didn't try Avon's either, but they are very difficult to apply as Claire said... you have to fit them to your nail shape, and even then it looks off.
  5. I think they were $7, but they had coupons sitting right next to them for $2 off.
  6. I've always wondered about these as the Avon book is always passed around at work. I thought maybe these would cut down on the chipping of the polish.
  7. polish never stays on the tips of my nails. these are no exception
  8. i've actually had great experiences with these. SO works for avon so when these first came out he got a bunch of these for free and obviously since he's not a woman that meant i got to try them :P. i really loved the ease of application of these. just stick on and you're good to go.

    my two grips with this product were that the stickers were a little too large for my small hands and so none fit quite perfectly, and they were a pain in the butt to remove. these things didn't want to budge-which is also a positive. once on, these really aren't going anywhere-to the point where if i was wearing these i'd go get a manicure to remove them because i didn't want to have to scrub to get them off.

    but overall they were a lot of fun :tup:!
  9. JC2239- do you know if they are discontinuing them? Very few colors are on the website
  10. I've tried them before! They're actually called "Instant Manicure" and "Instant Pedicure." They are fairly easy to apply but I'm not sure how long they last (I put them on someone else). I hear they're actually being discontinued so if you plan on buying, do it soon!
  11. i think awong is correct that these are being discontinued, but i can't say for sure :sad:. either way i would definitely give these a try-they're a lot of fun!

    also, check out this blog post about the avon instant manicures

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