Avon.. any better?

  1. I was looking thru my e-mail and I got some messages from Avon. I look around on their site, and besides the drug store prices, some people are giving rave reviews. Has anyone tried this make up website recently? I used to use it a long time ago when I didn't know much about make-up, but am interested now after reading all the good reviews... anyone?:yes:
  2. I tried their gel eyeliner and it is okay. :smile: It was cheap though so for the price, it's what I expected.

    My mom uses their night cream and she says it's okay.

    Oh, I really like some of their brushes though!
  3. I really like their eyeliners.
  4. I use a number of their products and really like them. Not everything in Avon is drug store priced - a friend of mine uses their $65 Anew facial cream and loves it. I use a number of their Anew products and they can run $35-40 an item.

    Also, their Mark makeup line is quite good.
  5. Avon has hits and misses, I don't use the makeup all that much. I use a few liners which were cool and a couple lipglosses, so I can't comment on the eyeshadows.

    But I have been hearing positive things about their Anew line, so I'm going to check those out.
  6. ^ That's true. Beauty editors rave about Anew and Skin so Soft all the time and I do think they're great products, but IMHO the makeup is just so-so. If you're used to using dept store cosmetics, you'll probably be disappointed. It's not bad for what you pay though and they have great sales. If you can make friends with an Avon rep, they'll give you the lowest price from the past 3 brochures so you can get much better deals....