avoid buyer BELLYBATH10 - manipulative thief! what a pain

  1. Between the username switch and the private feedback, both recently, it seems she's trying to cover her tracks. I don't think the username switch had to do with this thread though since she switched it a few days ago (before the thread was started).

    That is weird. :thinking: Maybe it's so the sellers don't start sleuthing through her feedback and figure out that she's up to something and makes a habit of it.
  2. thought i would update you all -

    buyer sent me messages throughout the week saying things like "at least you now get the feedback you deserve"

    after several lengthy phone calls with eBay the negative feedback was removed. good riddance. please do yourselves a favor and block this buyer under both of her usernames (bellybath10/bittykittysoftpaws).

    one thing i can say about eBay customer service - the actions they take really seem to depend on the person you are talking to on the phone. today i repeated the same story i did during previous phone calls and the customer service rep totally got it and saw the violations and immediately put in the request to remove the negative feedback. previous reps were just going around in circles leaving me frustrated.

    that's i life i suppose.

    hope you all are enjoying your weekends!
  3. I am so glad they removed the negative feedback! Before I read your update I was going to suggest calling ebay and trying again. I've also noticed it depends on who you talk to there. I hope this buyer is still reading this and knows how many people have now blocked her from their auctions! This buyer was just trrying to bully you as a lot of them do. Didn't work this time, lol! OP I'm happy ebay did the right thing this time!:smile:
  4. For what it's worth I feel you are super luck especially with her saying things like "you didn't do a signature confirmation" and "pay pal would side with me" it's sounds lime she knows exactly how to work the system. And that she's not very bright. Glad it all worked out though. :smile:
  5. marneeb & needanewbag83, and everyone else - thanks for your support. this has definitely been a learning experience. although, to be honest i don't know if i'll be selling again
  6. I have heard others getting feedback removed after calling a few times and getting the right person. Glad it all worked out for you.

    In the grand scheme of things you did get lucky on this one - I guess she was not a total scammer because, as she said, she could have claimed an INR and you would have had no chance without signature confirmation.

    These are great learning experiences for everybody - and believe me you are not the first who didn't get signature confirmation - most end up fine but there have been a few victims who have posted here.

    I hope you don't let one bad apple put you off. There is lots of protection for buyers and sellers on ebay and most of the people you will encounter are good people.
  7. LADIES please help!!!

    after ebay has removed the feedback she has now filed a claim with Paypal for item not as described. What am i supposed to do?
  8. Someone mentioned this buyer bought another of the same bag from another seller but in much worse condition that yours, I would bet she's wanting to switch, get her $ back from you and send you the more used bag. She'll get her money back and the better bag. I'm so sorry she's doing this! Have you called paypal and explained everything to them? Please try that if not. What a piece of sh!t this buyer is.

    ETA: I assume she's saying your bag is in worse condition than you advertised?
  9. Call PayPal right now and explain the whole situation. You have done nothing wrong.
  10. she did buy a second bag but when you follow that sale it looks like the item has been relisted. the other bag was in worst condition.

    this is probably a reaction to the negative feedback that was rescinded.

    she is saying my bag is in worse condition and that there are stains, color discoloration, internal and external damage - THERE IS NO SUCH THING. the bag was exactly as described. the stain on the inside was mentioned in the auction.

    she also claims "substitute" - no idea what that means.

    "severe damage" - my a$$

    i called paypal and am trying to dispute this claim but i don't even know how successful this will be.

    she is such a piece of sh!t. how do you guys have the patience to deal with garbage like this when you sell.

  11. is paypal going to decide against me because i didn't use signature confirmation??

    sigh, i wish i had known better.
  12. No that only would have been a problem if she had filed an INR, not a SNAD. It should be too late for her to file an INR, although strange things can happen.

    It really sounds like a retaliatory strike. More often than not paypal/ebay finds in favour of the buyers in SNADS and forces a return. It might be helpful for your case if you can track down the ebay person who removed the neg for you. She already knows your story and may be able to give you more assistance.
  13. I really think that they will rule in your favor because of this buyers behavior.
  14. You need to call paypal/ebay.. this buyers history & patterns have to be discussed

    and again if you don't get any satisfaction call back til you get someone that will

    listen..good luck
  15. i've called paypal. do i need to call ebay since this is technically not an ebay claim anymore?