Avid Chloe Fans - Your Age


*If you are an avid Chloe fan*, which age group are you in?

  1. Under 18

  2. 19 to 24

  3. 24 to 39

  4. 40 to 49

  5. 50 to 65

  6. 66 and over

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I was doing some industry research and there were so many who try to "age categorize" different designer brands.

    I was curious to see if it was true that Chloe fans are younger than other bag fans? I've submitted this age poll (poll on this thread) to see if we might be able to find out the answer!!

    (sorry, the third selection is supposed to read 25 to 39).
  2. Waaaah! I don't like being categorized as an old lady. I most certainly don't look like one.
  3. wow! really interesting stats!
  4. How does this work. Unless old age has rotted my brain already, there are more years in the 25-39 section. Doesn't that twist the results?
  5. ^ Yeah. I feel like I've been aged 10 years coz of the age range. lol
  6. Here's my take on the break down. 18 or less your living at home. 19-24 your in school. 24-39 your into starting your career or are baby centered (or are both). 40-49 next phase of your life, perhaps and empty nesters, or a demanding, heavy career (or then again both). 50-65 retiring purse gals, hum watching that disposable income. Over 65 Definitely watching that disposable income? SOOOOOO?

    So my toughts were that the 40-49's would be the winning catagory. I guessed myself WRONG>
  7. I'm 18 and i'm not living at home, I go to uni, and frankly I um... really shouldn't be buying these bags. But sometimes, I just waaaant one you know? So I save up for a full year.
  8. Remember that this is only sampling tpf members. The 40+ age group may buy loads of bags but not be so interested in on line forums.
  9. thats very true:tup:
  10. I don't own a Chloé (but I will!), I'm just a huge Paddington-fan. I'm in the 'Under 18' category (I'm 15).
  11. You have lots of time to collect your perfect bags then - congratulations on your taste DiorKiss.
  12. :yes: I just turned 23 in Aug~ I'm still in Uni and I like Chloe since 05.
  13. im 22 and i have only in the past year started to collect paddys, they are well worth the wait when you get the right colour.:tup:
  14. Im 23 and i started collecting chloes last year! i graduated last summer and have been working for a year now!..i still leave with parents and i know that i should really be saving up for a deposit for a house but...bags! im calming down now on it as i got the ones i want for just now!
  15. Wow lots of sophisticated young ladies on this board. I duly impressed!!