Aviatrix Baby

  1. Here are the different styles NM San Antonio has.. this bag is so hottttt!!!!!
    IMG_1514 copy.jpg IMG_1515 copy.jpg IMG_1516 copy.jpg IMG_1527 copy.jpg
  2. I like the leather one better, less busy. Very stylish.
  3. I remember seeing these in catwalk photos (I think). I personally wouldn't buy them, but they are very stylish and timeless in my opinion.
  4. i love the aviatrix....i just wish i could afford them. :girlsigh:
  5. love the last one..is it suede? I remember I wanted a suede one..

    And what size is the last one? I need to go check these out:biggrin: Thanks for the pics!
  6. I love ittt!
  7. SWEET!!!!

  8. The last one is suede and is the med size.
  9. Out of curiosity how much do they roughly cost? 2-3k?
  10. Yeah Kavnadoo...it ranges from $1800 to $2400. Wish i could afford that. :upsidedown:
  11. i love the all-leather aviatrix.

    oh dear...i'm not a gucci girl, as you might have guessed, but seeing this bag has brought me to this forum. i need to save some $ to buy one!
  12. i love it. I like the black and grey.
  13. thanks for the pics!
  14. I love this bag in the rosewood color! Could possibly be my first big bag purchase since my paddy:love:
  15. Love this bag!:drool: