aviators to fit a small face?

  1. every year its the same, I try practically each and every pair of sunglasses and find only two at the very most fit my face. Last summer I got this great chanel plastic sunnies, but I felt they were too showy, and felt wierd with them on my head during classes and such, so I thought this year I'll go for aviators. I stupidly sold my chanel ones before I could replace them, so I went to bloomies yesterday to presale a pair of sunnies, and it came down to this silver fendi pair with metal cutouts of the F symbol, it was very cool, and these prada shades that fit my face, but the edge was rather boring and almost bordering on looking cheapish. It had prada written discretely on the temple, and had a line of plastic and tortoise on the temple. The gold frame suited my complexion more so I ended up presaling those, but I'm not 100% happy with them.

    Anyone know of a brand that suits a smaller face? Most sunnies are too wide, where hte lenses continue for a good inch or half less off my face. TIA!
  2. The only ones I've bought and kept in the last few years are Silhouette. I bought them at Saks I believe. I have bought and sold a couple pairs of Chanel and they just didn't look good on me. The ones I have now are titanium and a little smaller than most and seem to fit my face. Plus, they actually offer UV protection which the lady at Saks told me a lot of the others don't (which surprised me). I'm sort of in the market for some new ones but I never have much luck so who knows when I'll get around to getting more.
  3. Ray Ban aviator have different size ( 62 cm / 58 cm / 55 cm and 52 cm childreen size)
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