Aviators Galore

  1. I love these bags, but how in the heck do you carry them? I don't think they can go over the shoulder, can they?
  2. I'm waiting for my Black Pebbled Boobified one from the same seller. I'm also wondering the same thing Roo.

    I'm telling myself this might be the bag version of wearing painfully beautiful high-heeled shoes. A little cumbersome, yes, but love nonetheless.
  3. I'd like one, but it looks awfully cumbersome to carry!
  4. Check-out the thread on pics carrying B-bags. Rocksteady has a gorgeous pic carrying her aviator bag.
  5. ^ Aw, thanks...bottom of page 8 for quick reference. These aviator helmet bags do go over the shoulder and if you find it sliding off simply remove the pad thing to make the strap less wide. I find when I leave the pad on it slides off my shoulder when I move my shoulder down and then the bag is in the crook of my arm (like I meant to do that) where it is nice and comfortable.

    These bags have lots of cool little details. That side zipper actually lets you get into the bag without unzipping the top...so it's great for grabbing your sunglasses, umbrella, or wallet without taking the bag off your shoulder.