Aviator Bag Hunt

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  1. #1 Sep 21, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 21, 2010

    i am guilty of drooling over any aviator bag pic i find especially the burgundy one....x

    NO soliciting here - please read the rules before posting again
  2. Do you want a used one or a new one. My SA can get you a new one.
  3. The burgundy color is still in stock, I saw one last week at LV. The khaki and blue are gone so it seems like you picked the right color if you still want one...
  4. Remember, no trading on tPF grounds :smile:

    I believe your best bet would be eBay or the Bonz or somewhere similar for second hand. Have you been to the boutique to feel it for real?
  5. There was one at my LV last week...
  6. Hey ladies

    i didnt mean trading ... so sorry if it was taken that way... it is just that i was looking for a used one
    to tell u the truth i can't afford a new one now especially after i got my new fluer du jour speedy :lol:
  7. Hi DarkS, i looked all over for a used one before DH got me one from the boutique. I am afraid this bag is still so new, that there are no authentics for sale yet. Your best bet is some of the confirmed resellers sites Ann's or Yoogi's or maybe Fashionphile, as they tend to sometimes get some of the newer pieces on consignment.
  8. first of all let me compliment you on the beauty you have in ur display pic :smile:
    i don't know ann's and yoogi's sites but there was one on fashionphile but not the colour i wanted :smile:

    well who knows....i had the chance to get one for 2200 from ebay but i missed it :"""""(