Avery, Nicole, Charlie, and Josie up on Kooba site

  1. OMG that Josie is adorable ...

    and so let me make sure I am correct ... rose is only available in these bags I mentioned here?
  2. Oh My!!!! Seeing my Nicoles made my heart go pitter patter. Those closeups are awesome. Crazy how the Josie (as cute as it is) is as much as the Bonnie.
    And even the Charlie looks cool in Rose. But someone said they saw it and it looked like a huge duffle.
  3. I like the Elisha! It's soooo feminine!
  4. I really liked the Avery. However, when I tried it on, the little thing- not sure what it's called- on the shoulder strap- it kept on making a weird shape when it was on my shoulder. I know I am not explaining it very well.
  5. The Nicole is really growing on me! I am slobering all over myself right now looking at the pictures. :drool: I can't wait until the Parker comes out in luggage and the Natasha in Straw - YUM!
  6. ITA. I bought the Avery without seeing it IRL, and while I still think it's adorable, it's just not what I was hoping for. It's a dainty tote bag if that makes any sense. :s

    I saw all the bags at Nordstrom's just before I received mine in the mail, and none of them really "fit" me. :sad:

  7. :yes:
  8. I wonder where the rogue Lucille Ball Sundress bag is...hmmmmm?
  9. The rose color is so pretty. I wish the Elisha came in rose.
  10. Oh dear!
    I did the same thing. I just purchased it on eBay never saw it IRL.
    Are you saying that it is a small tote bag? Were you hoping that it would be larger?
  11. Ohhh I agree, the Elisha in Rose would be lovely. :yes:
  12. ltucci, I really liked the bag and the size (although I don't remember too much!). However, the strap really bothered me. Not the strap itself, but there's a little extra piece on the strap that, I assume, is to make sure the strap stays on your shoulder. However, that little piece kept on scrunching up. The SA told me to put it back b/c it was going to bother me too much and I wouldn't enjoy the bag.

    I hope you like it! vbmenu_register("postmenu_2185232", true);
  13. ltucci - It's just not as big as I thought it was going to be. Those models on Active Endeavors are tiny! :p I guess I was looking for more of an everyday tote bag, and it's really not that IMO. Love it and I think you will absolutely love the rose. I saw that IRL and am still thinking about swapping my black one for the rose. It's so pretty. And like JudieH said, there is a weird thing with the strap. I can get over that, but it was just a bit small for me. I like a really big handbag so that I can carry all my work stuff during the week and magazines, water, etc. on the weekends.
  14. just a quick question: do most nordstrom's sell Kooba? They don't on line and inever see any in the ones near me...