average weight

  1. what is the average weight for someone just under 5 ft and is 16-17?

    just curious what people thought....
  2. i would say probably 105-115? That sounds pretty normal....
  3. It completely depends on your body type.

    Nobody here can tell you what YOUR average weight should be and I would hate to give you a number and then have you freak out if it's not what you wanted to hear.

    I would ask your doctor.
  4. I think I was about 45-50 kg (100 -110 pounds) at that age.
  5. 100-110
  6. under 5ft same as me, i think ranging from 43kg - 45 kg's fine, 100 lbs max.
  7. You have to work out your BMI body mass index its your weight in kg divided by height in m square normal is between below 20 is underweight 20-25 is normal, above 25 is varying degrees of obesity.:yes:
  8. 100-110