Average Weight 5'8"

  1. Hey everyone!
    im used to posting in the handbags section...
    I've just stumbled onto the health and fitness and i'm loving it! :yes:
    What is the average weigth for a 17 year old 5'8" tall girl?
    Is 111 lbs normal?
  2. What is the specific of the question? :smile: 111 is not normal but not knowing you we can't say much. Anything else to offer?
  3. 111 lbs. Normal? Not! At 5' 8" tall 120-150 lbs. would be more like it. Some men may like very thin women but lets face it, not healthy at all.
  4. 111 pds, is def not normal for a 5"8 frame. I am 5"10 and I'm 140 (which is very thin for me). I agree with the others 120-150.
  5. i'd say 130-150 would be in the healthy range for someone with an average frame, i think 120 is too low. it depends on your body type, but 111 seems like it would be way too thin, even with a small frame.
  6. While it says you are underweight, you are still only 17, so that is pretty normal i think. I would have been considered underweight as well at that age (actually I still am, but don't get me started on that) so I think as long as you are eating normally and healthfully you are good!
  7. I'm that height but about 118 lbs.
  8. My friend is 5'8" and all through school she was about 110 or 115 pounds. She's built thin. Since she's had kids she weighs more but that was quite normal and healthy for her.
  9. You are very slim but I wouldn't be overly concerned as long as you are eating healthily.

    However, you started the thread with 'What is the average weigth for a 17 year old 5'8" tall girl?
    Is 111 lbs normal?'

    I'm speculating now, but do you want to be 111 lbs? If so, then I am concerned that you want to drop 7 lbs when you are already slim.

    I won't say anything else since I don't have any other information about you and where the figure of 111 lbs comes from.

    However, I am sure other members are going to be concerned as well.
  10. she's not the one that started the thread, it was another member with a k-something username.
  11. Well, i'm not necessarily the skinniest little nicole richie you've ever seen..
    My bones are pretty thick though...
    Its just kind of odd because my teachers have been tellingme to gain weight
  12. Are you eating right?
  13. if you're eating a healthy, weight-maintaining diet (between 1800-2200 calories a day, depending on your metabolism, physical activity, and body composition) and you're still 111 pounds, then consider yourself a good candidate for supermodeldom. if you don't know how many calories you're eating or if you're getting all the nutrients you need, find out and adjust accordingly and see if your weight changes.
  14. I think 111 lb. for 17 is OK. You are still going through puberty. Your body will not be completely developed until you are in your early twenties. I am 5'10 and weighed 110 in high school. I gained 30 pounds in college and still look skinny, but with curves in all the right places. Do not worry, you will fill out as you continue to mature. Even though we are tall, I would consider us to be late bloomers.
  15. Duh!! Thanks!