Average waiting time

  1. I have just placed put myself on the waiting list for a black caviar jumbo classic flap. Does any one of you know the average waiting time for such an item at this time of the year? Thanks for your information.
  2. you'd need to ask. . . .
    it depends on who you were put on the list by {boutique, NM, etc. . . } and they should have a time frame as to when it was ordered or can be ordered again.
  3. Swanky, thanks for your timely information. I placed my order with a Chanel boutique in Hong Kong. When asked about the time of delivery, the SA told me that they had no idea whether the next shipment would include the item I desired. I just have to wait and let fate decides. Is this the norm in other regions? I wonder!
  4. That is what I was told when I was put on a waiting list at a Chanel boutique. They don't know what they are going to get in and sometimes receive 'suprise' shipments. Good luck on your quest! :yes:
  5. yes, that's normal. . . I think sometimes they know and sometimes they don't, because I have been given a time frmae before.
  6. Thanks very much! I guess patience is a virtue!:biggrin: