Average times a day you visit vuitton.com or eluxury.com?

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  1. I visit these sites quite a bit on a daily basis, and I was just curious as to how many of you Vuitton lovers view them as much as I do....this is mostly for my own sanity, so that I know that I am normal.:smile:

    I suspect others visit as much as I do, which for me is probably between 8 to 10 times........yeah right! Who am I kidding...well, lets just say I visit those sites alot each day.

    What about you?
  2. I don't visit LV.com everyd day, but I usually go to Elux 1-2 times per day!
  3. I only go to elux if I'm dreaming about a bag I want to buy. Then I look at it all day long!
  4. I usually only go to elux about 2 times a day, Vuitton.com maybe once a day. I do check let-trade 3-4x a day, eBay for LV auctions about 1-2 times a day.....and then here hours a day. Yea...I'm a little obsessed.
  5. I've got a serious eLuxury problem: I probably look at eLux every 20-30 minutes while I'm online.

    As for Vuitton.com, maybe once every two days.
  6. I usually don't visit eLux, but I check the french LV site (to see the prices in €, although my french is horrible... :shame:smile: a few times a day. The more time I spend at tPF, the more I visit LV.com to check prices and pix there...
  7. I go on to louis vuitton about four times a day and eluxury about once a day.
  8. A few times a day.
  9. I don't check LV site as often as elux. I check elux about twice a day everyday.
  10. I go on eluxury and vuitton.com lots of time during the day. Totally wasting my time ogling at LV when I could be doing more productive (but boring) stuff. LOL

    What can I say? Gotta feed my addiction somehow. Sometimes I feel like I am a nut case. :nuts:
  11. More than you will ever know, so don't feel "abnormal" Sewon lol!

    I visit for new things, or when I feel like cheering myself up after a long day. I make mental notes about what to get next, then I check tPF to see if anyone has a visual aid.
  12. Like a million
    But actually, I am usually on elux maybe 4 times a day? And I go to Vuitton.com if there is something I want to see that is not on elux.
  13. When I'm looking for smth, I check Elux at least 3 times/day. If not, I think 3times/ week. I don't often visit LV.com
  14. wow. i can't even count, i usually got to lv.com about once a day, elux once a day. depends on if someone mentions something here or i'm looking for something. eBay- all day long. let-trade and the other online resellers prob once a day too.
  15. Maybe a couple of times a day.