Average Size of American Woman

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  1. Well ladies, I was talking to a friend about this tonight and we were trying to decide the average size pant a woman wears. I did find the average overall sizes to be these:

    Height 5'3.5" (1.65 meters)

    Weight 143 lbs.

    Chest 35.9" (91.2 cm.)

    Waist 29" (72 cm.)

    Thigh 22-24" (56-61 cm.)

    Hips 39" (100 cm.)

    What do you all think??

    Personally, I am 5'10.5 so I'm really not fitting into any of those categories. But I am hoping the 'look' of curves and real beauty will make its way back
  2. I thought on average american women were a size 12 or something around there, nothing like the females plastered all over magazines :lol: I'm not a really thin girl myself and hope that the days of men appreciating curves will return! :biggrin:
  3. I love my curves :love: My measurements are somewhat similar, though according to those numbers I'm taller than the average woman (5'5", 36-28-37) I don't have much in the bust area, but I've got a rather big, er, posterior :embarasse No complaints here, though! I do wish magazines would use more healthy-looking, curvier models. I think some have started to do this, but as long as there are super-thin models in magazines, women will continue to aspire to be thin (too thin, in my opinion).
  4. Interesting stats Megs! I agree with Noriko that I've heard the average size of the american woman to be around a size 12 or 14. Well, it kind of makes me feel better, in terms of height, because I people always say that I am "little" (5'3") but I don't feel particularly little. I take the Metro to work every day (in DC), and I feel like I'm on par with a lot of people in terms of height, and I don't wear heels.

    I am jealous of taller people (like Megs) because I can't ever find pants that fit! Hehe.
  5. i'm no small girl myself, but i find that men prefer curves - i've never heard a guy lust after kate moss, WE are the ones that lust after her (not in the sexual sense, i think you get what i mean). most guys, at least the guys that i know, want boobs and hips and ass. no one wants to cuddle with protruding hips bones. owwie.
  6. I agree with everyone else. I've heard that the average size is a size 12.
  7. What exactly is a size 12 in European sizes? In Holland I normally have size 34/36.. Is this about size 10 or something? Pants size: 26.

    I think in Holland the average size would be about 40/42, pants: 30. But hey, i'm only guessing right now :P

    Oh, and I'm smaller than the average American girl.... :sad: only 1.60... and i'm hating it!!!
  8. I think women should realize that size 00 is NOT average. I spent too many years stressing over it (I'm way past that now). Life is too short, and I'm still waiting for curves to be back!
  9. 12 is around a 44.
  10. I've been trying to loose weight for over 6 mos now.

    I'm a 5'5'' 40 (Bust) - 29 (Waist) - 42 (Hips) (AHHH! Just made 29 on the waistline last week. Still trying to reduce! hehe). It's weird how my hips are still pretty the same but my waistline has shrunk. (My bust really shrank...)
  11. I envy you girls with big boobs. :P I'm like flat damnit...
  12. Me too girl! I'm on around 40lbs lost now. I started March 13th:biggrin: I want to lose a LOT more though, I need to rock out some dior!!! That **** is made SMALL!
  13. It's kinda sad though, the more I'm losing weight...the more I'm losing my bust/boob size. I used to be a VERY VERY full C cup almost D. Then...plooffff (like when you deflate a tire) I'm a mid C cup now. Which is ok...and not ok at the same time. LOL

    Noriko keep it up girl! Yeah Dior is made small if not very small. hehe

    I'm really trying to lose more weight mainly because of health reasons. Because as a future nurse I want to set a good example to all my patients. It's more convincing when a healthy nurse is educating the patient about proper nutrition. It's less hypocritical that way I guess...
  14. Marilyn Monroe was a size 14. I'm in Kojiko's range, but since I'm probably older and have 2 kids, I wouldn't look as toned as she would be. I'm working on the toning up stuff. I walk alot (due to my job) but as for the rest....thank God some of the better designers design for plus sizes. Otherwise I'd be sewing my own. And I really can't sew clothing other than poncho tunics!
  15. hahhahaa :lol: funny you mention that, that totally reminded me of when I see FAT personal trainers @ 24 hour fitness, its hilarious! Needless to say, I dont go there anymore.

    I notice the boob loss too, now I'm a full C, used to be a damn D!:wacko:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.