Average Payment Time Line?

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  1. I just sold my first item on eBay (a Marc Jacobs bag). What's the average time it takes for buyers to pay? The auction just ended so she (the buyer) is not late. However, I just want to know how long buyers normally wait before they buy.
  2. depends, but Sellers are sort of forced to wait 7 days.
    You can't file on them until 7 days after the auction ends.
    That said, I am usually paid within 3 days.
  3. Yes, I think 7 days is the average but usually buyers pay before this. eBay rules also state 7 days but I dont agree with this, I think it should be up to the seller.
  4. I usually pay under three days on E-Bay but I think you take up to seven days to pay.
  5. I agree, Ebay should leave the payment timeline up to the seller. Most brick and mortar auction houses make you pay up before you walk out the door. Some of them even pre-qualify you before you can bid.

    Even though Ebay allows 7 days before you can take any action, I always state 72 hours in my auctions and usually receive payment or communication within that timeframe.
  6. ebay's policies are irritating - I ask buyers to contact me within 24 hours and pay within 48. It's typical to have buyers not contact or pay for 4-5 days. I can't do anything about it bc of the 7 day rule, but it irritates me to no end. A simple email saying I'll pay by 'method' by 'date' would be nice.
  7. My experience has been 3-4 days to get paid on average.

    As a buyer though, I have to admit that I was really mad when I got an email from a seller within an hour of closing demanding to know where his payment was. At the close of his message, he said that he would cancel the sale if I didn't pay within twentyfour hours.

    At the time, I was away for the weekend. The guy was kooky.
  8. i usually receive payment within 24 hours. as a buyer, i pay immediately though and wish all buyers were like that because you begin to wonder if you have a NPB..
  9. I ask for payment to be submitted within 3 days and find that this is the average amount of days that buyers usually pay.
  10. Wow!!!!! :wtf:

    I'm an easy peasy - I have ALL my listings as "buy it now immediate payment required". ABSOLUTELY NO HEADACHES! I don't care if you have 2000 feedbacks or 1. I get paid, you get your item! :wlae:
    For the most part when I was doing auctions or regular listings, people were really good about it, but I ran into several folks who were "my dog ate my wallet" "I was out of town, I didn't know the auction ended" "I forgot I bid on it and didn't know I won" or nothing.....too much headache too much hassle. And it was those people who got pissed at me for expecting payment in a reasonable amount of time.
    Never again....:push:
  11. I took a long break from eBay (about a year) and since I have come back I found that the whole climate has changed a lot.
    Nowadays, no one really BIDS...they all either use BIN or snipe, so watching your own auctions is pretty darn boring, LOL.
    I have also (knock on wood) been blessed with immediate payers for everything I have sold since I came back--and that includes $20 items and one $10,000 item.
    I might have been getting lucky with the immediate payments, and I don't necessarily expect that to be the case in every single auction, but hey--it's good for right now!
  12. I have in my listing that "payment is appreciated within 3 days of auction end", and I have found that most people stick with it. If I am the buyer I pay immediately...the faster you pay, the faster you get it!
  13. I currently have a NPB again, two days since auction ended and no denero! I politely request that the buyer pays within THREE days of when the auction ends as so listed in the auction. So if I don't see payment tomorrow, I am going to send a nice reminder of my terms. Bah humbug to NPB's!

    As far as me being a buyer, most times I pay immediately or within 24 hours. I think it is just curtious and like others have said, you get your item promptly.