Average Life of Various Styles

  1. Hello everyone! I'm new to tPF and have been browsing the LV section while I await my first Louis... a mono Ellipse PM from let-trade. It hasn't even arrived and I'm already coveting my next piece-hopefully something in pomme vernis!

    I'm curious how many years of use you get out of your average LV bag. I'm assuming lines like the Epi last longer because they do not have the vachetta handles? I'm sure it also depends on the level of patina you prefer (or can stand to live with!) on your vachetta bags.

    So, how many years do you usually rock a bag before it becomes too worn for use?
  2. I think they will last a very long time if you take moderate care of them.
    For instance, my aunt has a mono speedy that is well over 20 years old. I am 35 now and I can remember when she purchased it new when I was about 9 years old! She has other LV bags, but that is still her favorite and according to my mom, it still look dynamite! My mom borrowed that purse when they went to the Mikimoto store in the Ginza district in Tokyo. She swears it's because of that purse that they were able to get to the upper levels of the store. :p
  3. I think this question has a HIGH degree of variance. How long you use a bag depends on the individual, the society, culture, peers (eg. in China, the younger people are VERY up to date on desginer and electronic items and throw things away after 1/2 year), and how much you use and how well you treat the bag.
  4. I need to go to china:nuts:

    and congrats on you'r elipse and welcome to the pf and post pics when you get it...
  5. With regular use (and not abuse), bags will last MANY years. I still have and use my mom's first bag, the Speedy 30 and it's coming up on 16 years old.
  6. Wow -- VIP/VIC sections of stores!!??!! :wtf: Yikes!!!
  7. I know! I was so jealous! I love my pearls!
    I'm supposed to go over next year so I hope we can do some Ginza shopping then! hehe..........
  8. My first LV is 24 years old, although it is worn I do sometimes use it.
    It's a Speedy 25, oh and my Speedy 30 is 20 years old.
    They last a long time!
  9. LV bags last many, many years and get better with age. I have bags that are 20+ years old and are in wonderful condition.

    My Batignolles Horizontal is only a year old, but has been heavily used. Yet yesterday at lunch, someone asked if it was brand new because it looked so nice....
  10. Thanks for the feedback! After reading that thread about what you hate most about your LVs I was worried that after a few years the handles would be black and the hardware would like a piece of dollar store jewelry with all the brass worn off!
  11. The will last years and years...now, if you will get bored and switch, that's another story.
  12. I only have experience with mono LV, but IME, they last forever.
  13. I can get at least a minimum of 10 years from a Iconic LV. My Gucci, Chanel, and Prada are lucky to survive a year! Don't know why?:shrugs:
  14. it varies, some people get 20 years of use, others get one, but for mono, it usually is around the 20s.
  15. This is good to know for the mono styles. I wonder if the vernis will last as long. Does anyone have a vernis bag that has lasted a long time (well, since the vernis line started)?