aventura bag

  1. Hi everyone! I was just wondering if anyone know anything about the aventura bag?! What kind of bag is it? Is it another one of the traveler bag since they're getting rid of the trenino when the new prints come out? Thank you in advance.
  2. IIRC its a bigger BV
  3. Aww I was really hoping for another trenino like bag in the newer print. I'm not too big on the BV. Thanks for the reply birki!!
  4. :wtf::wtf::wtf: Are they really??? No Trasporto Trenino?????? :cry:
    Where/when did they announce this?
  5. Sadly lesportsac decided not to make most of the smaller bags when the newer print comes out. According to one of the sales person at Pulse, for both Transporto and Vacanze there are no Mamma Mias,Trenino, Bellas, Braccialetto, and Canuro. I was down when I hear this news because I really wanted a Transporto trenino. I guess the Luna in that print will do for me...too bad.
  6. Thanks for the info -- I can't believe they are discontinuing their best travel bag right before releasing their transportation-themed print! Dang.
  7. doesnt make sense to discontinue some bag styles when the collaboration is going to be over soon.
  8. I am just going to wait and see...because there was a big thing about them not making certain styles for Spiaggia and Amore, and when the prints finally came out...the stores had bellas and some other styles that Pulse didn't order...I bought a Spiaggia Bambino cuz I thought there wasn't going to be Bellas at all..and look what happened....and I bought an Amore Gioco because they said there wasn't going to be bella....and look what happened to that also.

    I think rumors and stuff should just be shutdown until the prints finally come out and we know for sure instead of everyone panicking (sp?) to figure out what is coming out and not.

    I personally think it's stupid for Lesportsac or whoever is in charge of the styles to discontinue the dang thing when the collab is ending anyway..what stephiee said...it's just so irking. All I want is my dang bellas...
  9. Jessaka - Your right. We should just wait and see.
  10. And if you check the archives you'll see there were rumours that the Mamma Mia was not going to be produced in Pirata or Adios either... and look what happened :smile:
  11. I really hope mamma mia won't be discontinued coz I'd love a mm in vacanze :sad:
  12. has anyone tried emailing lesportsac as of late (I know they kind of suck w/ responses tho) but yeah... just a thought? Also, what do the stores say they'll be getting exactly if all the bags are being discontinued?
  13. Oh what hope! I hope you ladies are right about the rumors because I want my transporto trenino and Mamma Mia!
  14. Yup! I definitely want a MM in Transporto
  15. I completely agree. I am taking a wait and see attitude. MM is one of their best selling styles, so it makes about no sense to cancel it and Bella is quite popular too.