Aveeno skincare review

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  1. hi everyone

    just wondering what your thoughts were on the aveeno range? i am currently looking at the positively radient moisturiser (lotion or cream - what texture is it?) and wanted to know your thoughts!

  2. I have never tried Aveeno but I do know the makeup alley website has tons of reviews for every product under the sun, I'm positive you'll be able to find a lot of reviews there if you run a search:

  3. I use the moisturizer -- with the SPF 15 in it. I LOVE this stuff! For years, I wore Philosophy's Hope in a Jar and switched to this maybe 4 years ago... couldn't live without it now!

    The texture is like a thicker lotion. Goes on easily!
  4. Aveeno products are generally very highly rated. My only complaint is with the Positively Radiant Cleanser. It makes my face break out. Granted, I have a very oily complexion, so that would certainly not be true for all people. I even use Cleocin-T Gel to prevent acne, and even that couldn't prevent the breakouts with the Aveeno cleanser.
  5. I really like their stuff - I've used the positively radiant lotion, and it's great for me during the summer, but I need something stronger in the winter (my skin is quite dry). I also use their pre-moistened exfoliating pads, they are AWESOME. I've rebought them several times, and they do a great job getting rid of dead skin cells and making my skin very smooth.
  6. I've never tried any of their products, sorry.. but I know that they are highly rated. :biggrin:
  7. I have been using Positively Radiant lotion with SPF 30 for a week now. The consistency is between a lotion and a cream. It's not greasy and absorbs well, so it does not interfere with make-up application. It's just the right amount of moisturizer for my skin. Allure has it on their "Best of Beauty" list. I am happy with the product and the price is great so I can spend more money on night and eye creams!
  8. i use their positively radiant moisturizer everyday and love it. i've also used their foaming cleanser from the clear complexion line and liked it as well; my only complaint about the foaming cleanser was that it did dry my skin out just a little since it has salicylic acid but it did work for preventing breakouts. i buy their products all the time since they've worked well for me.
  9. I've tried the positively ageless with spf 30 and when I put it on it makes my face red for a few minutes, and it's a bit too greasy for my liking. My BF ran out of moisturizer so I told him to use some and he didn't like it either and asked me why his face turned red..lol I stopped using it after 3 or 4 days. I also tried their exfoliating cleanser and it made me break out like no other. Aveeno just doesn't suit me.
  10. What moisturizer do you use during
    the winter? It seems that the aveeno positively radiant works well for me during the summer too but I think I need something more moisturizing during the winter and I'm wondering what you use now? Thanks!!
  11. I use the Clear Complexion cleanser, the Skin Relief body wash, the shave cream, the Redness Relief moisturizer for face and a variety of the lotions/body creams/oils. I have very sensitive skin and Aveeno is wonderful! It doesn't make me break out anywhere or cause hives or aggravate my neurodermatitis. Hope this helps!