1. Does any one use Aveda products? Are they any good? I was going to buy some face wash once but I got scared when their cuticle cream bottle said Warning: May cause blindness.
  2. I've only used their hair products but they are made from natural/organic products I believe
  3. I use Aveda hair products. Blue Malva shampoo and conditioner and a deliciously smelling emollient finishing gloss called brilliant. They have a conditioner that i buy twice a year called Brilliant its awsome! As far as face creams and stuff I tried a face lotion once with spf and it gave me the itchies.
  4. I've been getting my hair cut and colored at Aveda every 6 weeks or so for the last year, but I've never really seen the value in buying their stuff to take home. I do have some hair repair treatment, but thanks to the quality and gentleness of their color I don't really need it anymore. I would go nuts if I had to get my hair colored elsewhere, but the Neutrogena triple moisture shampoo and conditioner I use at home work perfectly for me.:noworry:
  5. I am totally going to try Neutrogena. I cut and color my hair 3x a year. I buy Aveda cuz I love the way it smells and the upkeep so far is pretty good. But, I love trying new stuff. I have super fine hair.
  6. I love teh scent of Aveda, but it has never worked for me personally.

    All soaps/cleansers carry this warning ;)
  7. I love the Neutrogena Triple Moisture for my color-treated hair also.

    I have used the Aveda Blue Malva shampoo before. Right now the only Aveda product I'm using is Phomollient. It's a volumizing mousse, and it also seems to make my hair extra shiney.
  8. I love Aveda Sap Moss shampoo &conditioner as well as the Brilliant Universal styling creme. They both smell fabulous as well.

    Also a big fan of the Inner Light dual powder foundation. It's the only product that'll keep my oily skin looking fresh and natural without feeling heavy on my skin.
  9. I used to use Aveda products like Shampure, etc. When I started using it, I loved the smell but I think I got too used to it and I stopped liking it so I switched. I just read in a magazine that they have this matte styling powder, so I might try that.
  10. I use Aveda Scalp benefits shampoo and conditioner! I love it. i always buy the litre bottles and it makes my hair clean, and shiny.
  11. I have used their rosemary mint shampoo and conditioner and I did love it, but by the time the bottles were empty I was ready to move on.
  12. i love aveda products! i use a lot of the skincare line (toner, exfoliant, eye cream, hand cream, foot cream), as well as the hair care (shampoo and conditioner) line...although i'm not a fan of the styling products
  13. I swear by this, too.
  14. I trained in an Aveda Concept salon. They are good quality products,but pretty simple.
  15. Thanks everyone! I think I'll go for something from Aveda next time I need beauty products.