Aveda "Stimulus Package" freebie


Howz that ban?
Nov 6, 2006
So, a good friend of mine sent me a link to this cool freebie from Aveda. I checked but, didn't see it posted anywhere...if it is, please disregard this.

Basically, it's a coupon you print out and show to the SA's and they give you a hand lotion sample, and some tea, and if you've the time...they might give you other stuff as well. You don't HAVE to sign up for the b-day stuff but, you can - and apparently they send you something for your birthday...? I think...

Anyhoo, I've got the link on my blog: A-T-G's blog - it's mostly scarfie stuff! I think if you pass it one, you get an additional sample (for full disclosure!)

Here's the link itself (if this works) so you can bypass my scarf blog! Aveda Stimulus Package