Aveda Salons & Hair Color Treatments

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  1. Have you gone to Aveda before, or do you now, for your hair? I get my hair highlighted, half head, and the last two times they have done horrible things to my hair. :sad: First time it went way too white for my taste, then they 'fixed' it and it's too brassy in some places and ashy in others. Is Aveda really the best for color, should I try them again, at a new Aveda salon now that I have moved to Naples? Or do you know of any other reputable salons here or in the area?

    Thanks :heart:
  2. I love aveda salons! I've never gotten hair treatment done there but because its natural it'd be better for your hair... I'd go and try them!
  3. One of the best salons I've ever been to was an Aveda salon in the Philadelphia area. I've been to other Aveda salons I wasn't impressed with. I think it just depends on the stylist...
  4. I have used two different Aveda salons in the past & I liked both of them. Did you use the same stylist each time? If you are really unhappy I would switch salons.
  5. I got to an Aveda salon. I am most pleased with it. I think it has more to do with the stylist's skills than Aveda products.
  6. I've been to two Aveda salons and I love the one I go to now. The colorist is very talented. The one I went to before wasn't very good. I think you should definitely try a new Aveda salon and hopefully you will find people who are worthy of their great product line.
  7. Hey! I worked at an Aveda Concept Salon for 5 years. Aveda is a great product. Their hair color is really nice and not harsh. They have products that can lighten your hair with out using bleach. You should look into a salon in your area.