Aveda Institue in PORTLAND, OR..15.00 facials and 5.00 haircuts..check your city too!

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  1. Here is the link for the Portland Aveda Institute/School...

    Usually the people have already been through "beauty school" and do the Aveda training on top of it...
    I would check your local city too!
    Cheers! Kiley


    Read the whole page...you have a code to mention when making appointment!
    Can't beat a 15.00 facial!
  2. ^^ how lucky!! I wish my local one had this deal!
  3. wow those are some awesome deals...wish we had one on the coast...in cali theres only one in sf
  4. The Aveda Institute is opening in San Francisco in February, my SIL will be attending. She said they offer all those discount services after about 3 to 4 months, so look for the same offers around May or June there.
  5. nice.. :tup:
    probably need a haircut by then.. :p
  6. we have a paul mitchell school here that has unbelivable deals.. but somehow I haven't gotten myself there...
  7. Has anyone been to an Aveda Institute, and if so how were the sevices? I am thinking about going to the one in Chicago, but am a little weary since it is students. If anyone has been to the Chicago one, suggestions of specific students/stylists would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  8. I went in ny and paid $20 for a haircut.. I had a pretty good expierence... and this was like 3 years ago
  9. I have been to the one in NY (Soho) a few times for a facial, highlights, and haircut...

    I never had a bad experience. I would recommend it to anyone!
  10. Wowwwww. I'll be in Philly every week for the next few months so I'm very tempted to make some appointments!

    These are their normal everyday prices:
    Pedicure- $20
    Hair cut- $16
    Facial- $33

    Has anyone been to one of the Philadelphia salons (there's 3)? I've been to regular a Jean Madeline/ Aveda salon and I loved it! I'm honestly a little nervous about having a student do it, but it's a really good beauty school right???
  11. Aww... too bad I can't go today! But sounds great, so I'll definitely make an appointment for another time! Thanks for posting!
  12. whoo hoo! Thanks for posting...!
  13. I was so scared that it was a student... but I just got a cut and it was fine.

    I would probably not get my hair colored there.. but it is def very cheap!!
  14. Does somebody know of anything in the LA area?