avec ou sans?

  1. when you travel, how do you pack your scarves? with or without their boxes?
  2. Folded in the square in those big zip lock plastic sacks. One's always in my car in case a storm hits, and one is nice to have in my bag in case I'm at a restaurant and am feeling especially sloppy!
  3. sans; I fold them up and put them in the soft orange Hermes bags - I think they were shoe bags originally, and they go in my hand luggage, won't put them in the hold.
  4. In tissue paper which goes inside a large freezer size zip lock bag. I have yet to travel with the Plisse because I don't want to pack the box and risk crushing it, but also fear rolling it inside suitcase without the box, can't wear en route in case little ones spill something on plane, okay getting a headache just thinking about it.
  5. good tip, I'm going to do that too, thanks
  6. Here is what I do. Who said that we don't use LV anymore after Hermes?:graucho: I use one of my LV dust cover to carry my scarfs for travel. It's the perfect size.
    lv.JPG lv2.JPG
  7. cxyvr that is brilliant. how many does that hold? omgd.
    that's basically what you use, but with an hermes dustcover, allaboutnice?

    katel very wise! i was having a butternut squash ravioli at lunch that was dripping olive oil and oooo, i worried.
  8. ^cxyvr ~ What A Great Idea!!!
  9. I put mine in shoe bags or purse bags. I'm always a little worried to put things in plastic, I don't know is it possible that heat could melt it?

  10. I can put at least 10 scarfs in that pouch.
  11. I have to same worry too.....:sweatdrop:

    Plastic can keep the water out but the melting part scares me.
  12. Oh I forgot to mention that I always bring a carry on and place my more expensive scarves, shoes, clothes, and bags in it. The airlines don't give you much money if something goes wrong and besides I'm very attached to my favorite items.
  13. Sans---I do the exact same thing Gazoo does--tissue paper in a ziploc bag, but now, seeing what Cxyvr does--I'm going into my closet and digging out my old LV dustbag for my pochette!
  14. I use one of DH's tumi shirt folding thingy's....it's like a large envelope with four flaps that you put folded Men's shirts in, but it happens to also be perfect for scarf transport - LOL! I'll post a pic later on.
  15. Sans. I just fold them into the flat pocket compartment of my suitcase. Any liquids get placed in a separate suitcase.