Ave sales! (oxblood reveal)

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  1. Here's my haul in oxblood (been craving for this colour for a while), Daria hobo, Daria wallet, blossom pouch and blossom pochette IMG_20160628_215047_edit.jpg
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  2. A few more pix IMG_20160628_214947_edit.jpg IMG_20160628_215058.jpg IMG_20160628_214733.jpg
  3. This is how the wallet fits into the pochette

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  4. Lovely! Enjoy them!
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  5. Thank you :smile:
  6. Wow, some gorgeous goodies you've got there!... I love the Oxblood colour (I'm yet to own a piece boooo) x
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  7. What a sight for sore eyes! Congrats! Hmm, maybe I should wear my Cara oxblood more often:smile:
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  8. Great haul and beautiful color! Congrats!
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  9. OHhhhh lovely pieces. Congrats!
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  10. Lovely lush colour, congratulations.
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  11. Thank you all, sweet people!
  12. I love it, too (you can tell it hehe) hope you'll get yours soon :smile:
  13. WOW girl, you go!! What a lovely haul with that most stunning Oxblood color! CONGRATS! Enjoy each & every one of them. I think I better get on the oxblood bandwagon now, once & for all!
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  14. thank you :smile:
  15. love your oxblood purchases. I snagged myself the french purse to go with my oxblood daria from many seasons ago (the first iteration). medium hobo is a great bag. I always get compliments when I use it.
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