1. The avatars on tPF mobile look weird.
  2. I'm new to the forum and my profile won't allow a personalized avatar. Is this because I'm too new? How do I get an avatar? :smile:
  3. My avator isn't working also:sad:

    I went to edit avator and the button that says do not change avator won't move or be reset. Help......
  4. Hi Miss Priss! I just discovered that when I had 10 posts the avatar function was made available. Just was able to upload one.

    Run around and post girl! :smile:
  5. Thanks Deborah105!!! I figured it was because we are newbies! ;)
  6. Vlad, Could you please enable me to post a pic in my avatar. It stuck on...

    "No Avatar Specified
    Avatars are small graphics that are displayed under your username whenever you post.
    Do not use an avatar
    Note: if you have a custom avatar selecting this option will delete it."

    But I am able to insert a picture for my Profile picture, what's the difference. I am very new to joining and participating in a forum.
    Thank you in advance.
  7. you need a few more posts :flowers:
  8. Ok, thanks. :giggles:
  9. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help...

    I can't seem to change my Avatar
  10. Hi Lola, after you post more that option will become available to you. I think you have to post 10 or 15 times? I can't remember. I was confused in the beginning as well.

    Happy posting!
  11. Yes, 7 more posts :biggrin:
  12. Please would you allow us to have animated ones, please, please :smooch::smooch::P
  13. I don't seem to be able to add a profile picture nor any photos to posts. On my iPhone they just fido and the web page just NEVER loads... :sad: I've tried for a month
  14. howaste, have you tried uploading with WiFi and 3G? Sometimes one of them works.
  15. It just fails, like everything else on this site! I've tried on my laptop, my phone & still doesn't let me. I must be doing something wrong :sad:
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