1. Lexi - your avatar's file size is too big. 23KB is a little too rich for a small image such as your avatar. I've compressed it down to 3.6KB - now it should work. :idea:

  2. Absolutely, let me change it. With this postbit layout it actually looks better with bigger avatars. :smile:
  3. FYI - the file size limit is 20KB :smile: Max avatar size is 100 x 100 pixels now.
  4. thanks a bunch! :smile:
  5. Thanks, I think my avatar looks much better now :smile:

  6. Splendid! :smile:
  7. Why can't we have animated avatars? I made one that was within the size limit, and it said I couldn't use an animated one:sad2:

  8. I have trouble uploading an avatar. The size should be okay (100x100, 4kb), but when I try to upload or link it (tried both), the page either doesn't open or a black and white picture of Mischa Barton appears instead of my avatar.:sad:

    Can anyone help me?
  9. Problem fixed! Thx Vlad!:smile:
  10. Woah Noriko was banned? ::curious::
  11. Over 6 months ago.
  12. WOW am I out of the loop. If someone would like to fill me in there's that lovely PM feature **hint hint** ;)
  13. [edit]Sorry, replied to this post by mistake
  14. I'm having trouble changing my avatar pic on my IPad. I can get the camera roll over and I push the upload icon but nothing happens. FYI no prob posting other pics. Thanks.
  15. They look pretty . Model pic pls.!!:smile: I have a couple of their pendants. Heart and horseshoe. I have been eyeing the new bar necklace. Comes in silver and rose gold . Also they have nice bangles.