Sep 13, 2005
I have a question :smile: Are the avatars going to be activated? I know some forums have a post requirement or w/e in order to activate a person's avatar, does this one? Just wondering, thanks! :biggrin:
Good point Noriko, let me enable them. I don't care for a min. post count for avatars, I think everyone should be able to have one. I also need to customize the titles during some of the next days.
kojiko said:
hehe Cool! I got this avatar from another board. I thought it was cute. :smile:

Funny thing is, I know the guy who's cat picture got photoshopped to hold the sniper rifle in his hand. Now that cat is famous! :biggrin:
Vlad said:
Actually, the avatars have been active already. You can upload your own in your control panel (cp) - Edit Avatar :idea:

My avatar is 80x80, but when I try and upload I get an error message that the file is too big. Can you help me, please? :smile:


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