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  1. Is it just me, or are avatars suddenly HUGE and fabulous?! If it's a real change and not just this work peecee playing up, it gets two Frankie Fumbs-Up, it's awesome!!! :tup::tup:
  2. I *think* he changed that a while ago... but maybe you just re-uploaded a new pic? Or he is just being super nice this week!

    Oh and by he I mean Vlad!
  3. The 160x160 size has been available for a few months now. :tup:
  4. Frankie .... it goes with your disco sig! I found some new running smilies for you btw....

    Can you have moving images in you avatar too?
  5. Oh! Hahahaa, sorry for being slow on the uptake! I've not given myself a new one, but just took a good look and noticed today everyone was big, bright and beautiful. Perhaps Lucie needs a touch up.. I could totally Studio54 her to keep up with the discotheque sig! :thinking:

    Coco I'd love to see more running gifs! I took mine outta my sig one night whilst on a dodgy gif creativity fest. :sneaky:
  6. You.. ma dahling.. are gorgeous in OZ.. and your constant RUNNING ABOUT is affecting your mental capacities! :roflmfao:
  7. Hahaha.. you're right, too much running, too much hypoxia is clouding my usually formidable mental capabilities! :lol::sweatdrop::Push:

    Oh well, have made up for lost time by punking up Lucie. Couldn't use my animated disco Lucie for the av, probably for everyone's protection and well-being, but I can now at least change colours at whim as I've all these hypercolour Lucie's saved as individual files before giffing them.

  8. OMG... Vlad is gonna KILL you!

    You are OUT OF CONTROL, girlfriend.. but then again.. tha's precisely what I like BEST about you?
    You captured that possum for next Xmas yet??
  9. Noooooooo he won't - Vlad's a benevolent God - and besides, the animatronic version won't be av'd! :angel:

    I just had to show off an advanced viewing of Lucie's various new looks. :graucho:

    As for Possie, when you have three of the buggers living upstairs there's no need for capturing! I think she's out in the trees right now though as it's so darn hot in here she'd be crazing for sticking to her nest. I saw her the other night though and she's still happy to hand feed, which is neat! :heart:
  10. OMG Frank.. us too.. it's WINTER here.. 35 in the AM, 85 in the afternoon. All 4 seasons in one freaking day... WTH???
    Send the possum over... Lesley's waiting....;)
  11. Here you go girly...........x There was another one but can not find it anymore ?!?!?! Is this guy running backwards??

    [​IMG] ....and this one for good measure.... [​IMG]
  12. I love the new avvies!!! I really like a lot of the changes here lately!!! Keepin' me on my toes!
  13. Coco, they're awesome, but yes I'm sure he's going backwards too.. kinda like how I feel sometimes! Nevermind, perhaps my dodgy gif skills can sort him out. :graucho:

    And.. uh.. thanks for the other one..! :blink::lol: