Avatar ?????

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  1. This is strange. I belong to a Nissan car forum and put my little 240 vert up for the avatar there. Now, my cat avatar is gone here at the PF and the 240 sx is up
    Does that mean you get ONE stinkin avatar for you whole online universe?? That's not fair :evil: :amazed: :sick: :Push:
  2. lol That's strange, it shsouldn't happen since they are completely different forums...I use different avatars for all the different forums I'm in. I'd try reloading the photos. :smile:
  3. I just changed it to baby Mouse jr...going up to the Nissan forum to see what it is up there
  4. I have a different avatar on another forum that I am a global moderator for. Did you change it by mistake?
  5. I don't think I did...I wouldn't put my car up in this forum but then again, I get confused very easily LOL so anything is possible
  6. Try hitting F5 to refresh. We're not linked to another board.
  7. global accounts and avatars only apply for ezboard and other mega-forums like that. TPF and car forums have no affliation. i have a diff avatar on the v6p forum i'm on than this one. :smile: