Avatar: The Legend of Korra

  1. I hope I'm not the only adult here who loves this kid/teen's show right? There's just so much elements in there that are more adult themes and by that I mean oppression, colonialism, imperialism, wealth gap, etc.

    Season 1 has 12 episodes, every Saturday at 11am on Nick until July
    Season 2 has 14 episodes. Air date TBA

    Let's discuss =D!

    Is anyone else on the Korra & Mako ship? But now there's the Mako & Asami ship, and maybe even a future Korra & Bolin ship? ahh I love this show, everything is not what it seems or what you expect to be.

  2. I watch this too and make sure I see every single episode, online or TV! I really loved the first series The Last Airbender and I couldn't wait for this to air.

    As for shipping, I'm on the Korra & Mako ship. This is nothing really against Asami as I do like her okay, but she hasn't shown that much more outside of being very pretty, having racing talent, being rich, and being very kind and generous. I have seen more dimensions to Korra minus the wealth. I'm just not really a fan of Bolin as a romantic interest for Korra or even Asami. He's there for comedic relief, and that's all I really think of him.

    The one thing that really bothers me about the show is the American 1920s theme in the backdrop. That gets a little obnoxious and seems very jarring against the mythical Asian theme.
  3. Having watch both because my children are into them, but that doesn't mean I don't enough them, I like The Last Airbener better because Korra seems to be the same every time

    Actually told me son to turn it off because he saw that one already when he actually didn't

    Never had that with the first series
  4. My husband, son and I watch this show! We loved Avatar: The Last Airbender, so this was a must-see for us. What's awesome is that my 9 year old doesn't even mind that it has a female lead, and he's definitely in the "girls are weird" phase, lol.

    I'm not really into the whole shipping thing, but Asami gives off a weird vibe to me. I love how the show is tied into The Last Airbender, and am looking forward to seeing more of the old characters. :smile:
  5. Wow, no new episode during Memorial Day weekend, and I was rushing to watch it online this week with my busy schedule.
  6. Yay I am so glad I'm not the only adult here who loves Avatar: The Last Airbender & The Legend of Korra!

    New episode this Saturday and nick.com has a preview of it.
  7. New clip for this Saturday's episode as well as the rest of the titles and air dates. Looks like the season finale will be on June 23 -- 1 hour.


    101 4.548 Apr-14-2012 Welcome to Republic City
    102 avg. Apr-14-2012 A Leaf in the Wind
    103 3.546 Apr-21-2012 The Revelation
    104 4.079 Apr-28-2012 The Voice in the Night
    105 3.784 May-5-2012 The Spirit of Competition
    106 3.876 May-12-2012 And the Winner Is...
    107 3.452 May-19-2012 The Aftermath
    108 x.xxx Jun-2-2012 When Extremes Meet
    109 x.xxx Jun-9-2012 Out of the Past
    110 x.xxx Jun-16-2012 Turning the Tides
    111 x.xxx Jun-23-2012 Skeletons in the Closet
    112 x.xxx Jun-23-2012 Endgame
  8. I've enjoyed it so far. It's crazy that we are only 3 weeks away from the finale.

    It feels a little rushed though since it's only 12 episodes and they didn't know if there was going to be another season so the story is just contained to this season. But I'm hoping season 2 will give us move development.

    I'm actually not shipping Korra with anyone at the moment. Maybe Bolin but definitely not Mako. Although I have a feeling it may end up that way in the show.
  9. O M G.
    Just finished watching episode 8. I did not see that coming.
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    Yes! So intense. I can't wait a week to see the next episode. I watch ATLA after the series was complete so I watched it all in like 3/4 days so having to wait between episodes is so hard.

    Not spoilers but speculation...
    I think Tarrlok might be Amon. Tarrlok is doing everything possible with the task force and ridiculous laws to make sure non-benders will support the equalist movement and be seen as a serious threat. So then it proves he was right about them and gains even more power because benders will trust him. Which is what I think he ultimately wants. Plus bloodbending could possibly be how Amon is taking away people's bending abilities.
  11. I rewatched episode 8. A lot of appreciation for the animation and lighting scheme. It does not seem like a kids show for sure. A little bit more analysis/speculation:

    Tarrlok can't be Amon. Their eye color and skin color don't match. Amon moves like an airbender in his fights, like he's very evasive by dodging attacks. I think LoK just has 2 villains like what happened in ATLA Book 1 with General Zhao. Amon is the overarching villain and Tarrlok is the villain for this season. My guess is that Tarrlok won't be in the second season and Korra will deal with Amon in season 2. For Amon, I think he's blocking people's thought chakra and thus blocking people's bending like how Aang has his chakra blocked in ATLA season 2 -- thus not being able to go into avatar state.

    Tarrlok and Amon is like two opposite extremes but so extreme that they are similar. Tarrlok is kind of like McCarthy-- when thousands of Americans were accused of being a communist similar to how Tarrlok is accusing many nonbenders as equalist. Likewise, Amon represents Communism. (I hope this is not getting too political for tPF but it's the themes that play out in this kid's cartoon, still doesn't seem like a kid's cartoon though lol).

    I read up on the chakra theory and how in every episode since episode 4, Korra has been subtlely opening up her chakras, so if the theory holds true then she'll be in the Avatar state by episode 10. I think maybe... she'll be able to airbend in the next episode.

    I can't wait until how the storyline plays out! 1 week apart episodes are torture right now but good torture lol.
  12. Just watched today's episode and it was EPIC!!! I love how the creators can keep you on the edge of your seat at EVERY SECOND!

    for those who haven't seen it, it's around 2:00:00 here:
  13. Not sure if anyone watched Episode 10: "Turning the Tides" today but all I can say is that it was very intense, lots of feelings, and my favorite character is a hero but their story is so sad. I actually cried during this episode.
  14. Finale aired today... we find out who Amon and his backstory is... without going into detail, the finale was epic and totally unexpected.
  15. Your speculations were almost true -- go watch the finale if you haven't!