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Jan 12, 2006
I really don't think that animated avatars will cause a problem. I belong to a board where people can have an animated avatar and an animated signature (or a signature that consists of three animated avatars) and the animations never bothered anyone. There's even a forum where people make animated avatars for other people. Once you get used to them, they aren't going to distract you or anything. They make things more fun and interesting and allow for greater freedom of expression. There's only so much you can fit into a single 100x100 pixel frame. At the other forum, they have the 100x100 limit on the avatars (perfect size. and the 20KB you allow here would allow for some nice animations) and a different limit on the signatures (I can't remember the pixel size right now, but I believe the file size is 60KB).
I really hope that you'll consider it. I don't think that many people on here would do the whole animated thing anyway, so it's probably not going to turn the board into a mass of animation. The people who are interested in animation will probably appreciate it though.
Hope I'm not being too annoying or anything:worried: . I just think it would be nice to have that option...spice things up a bit...:shame:


Sofa King Marple
Feb 23, 2006
Vlad said:
Yes, we might give it a test, but I am afraid that it may turn into a big confusing custerf**k of animation plethora ;)

LOL!:lol: :lol:
I've found on previous forums that too much flashing on the avatars/siggys can very easily distract you (well, me anyway!:wacko: )from the topics at hand...but each to their own of course;) :biggrin:
Jan 12, 2006
*sigh* I wish someone would come out in support of animated avatars :sad2: . Animated signatures aren't necessary, but animated avatars would be really nice and wouldn't cause too much confusion.

Example of a nice, friendly, simple avatar:



Us bound
Dec 9, 2005
northernbelle33 said:
I guess I'm alone here...now I feel like an idiot...:sad:...never should have said anything...

Aww, don't feel like an idiot silly! This is a friendly forum, remember? :love:
Your question was relevant and I'm sure that there are people here who agree with you. :smile:

Now SMILE :amuse: