Avandome!!! We will miss you, Have fun in Paris!

  1. Hey girl!!!

    I miss you already!! Have fun this week in Paris and try to log in whenever you can!! Oh and updates!!!!! UPDATES!!!!! Oh and pictures!!!! PICTURES!!!!! :yahoo:

    Have a safe flight!!! MUAHZZZZZZ

    P.S. Don't charge to much! :lol:
  2. Have a wonderful and safe trip Avandome! Bring back lots of goodies!!!! We will miss you!
  3. Hurry back...we need you here! We want to hear some great stories and I hope you purchase something lovely. Just really enjoy your trip to the fullest!
  4. have a fabulous and safe trip!!! can't wait for pictures!!
  5. Thank you and I will miss you guys too! :crybaby: I just packed a freshly charged camera...so hopefully I will have lots of wonderful pictures and reports of bags from all three stores, and any airport boutiques I come across! If I get to a computer, I'll try to post "from the Hermes front!":wlae: :flowers:
  6. Have a wonderful trip!
  7. Please get some pictures of the windows. And tell our little friend hello for us.
  8. Have a terrific time!! Enjoy!!
  9. AVAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Miss you already!!!!!!!! Have FUN! Keep us posted.....spend LOTS....don't let us down!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!
  10. Thank you all for the wishes...and Hermes windows are the first thing I will take pictures of...at all the stores.
  11. Have a fun and safe trip, Avan!!!:wlae: I shall wait eagerly for your return!
  12. Have a safe trip and HAVE FUN SHOPPING!!

    Can't wait to see the window displays....I feel like I'm getting an early Christmas present...getting to see window displays!

    Thanks in advance for posting. Take Care and HAVE FUN for me.:heart:
  13. Hope you have an amazing trip! Look forward to your posts!
  14. have a fun and safe trip! hurry back and share us some goodies!
  15. Have fun!!!!!! :yahoo: