Available in Bruxelles

  1. -Two Beige large reporters for €1750
    - light silver reissue (i'm not sure about the size but it was kind of large)
    Call them (02)5112059 and ask for Mark!! Lovely SA!!
  2. Farah Do you have the adress and telephone nr to the store in Bruxelles
  3. adres:Boulevard de Waterloo 63
    1000 Bruxelles
    Tel: (o2) 5112059

    Which bag are you focused on?? The reporter??
  4. ^No, not really :smile: My BF is on his way to Bruxelles tomorrow and we will be moving there later this fall. I thought I call and see if they will receive the baby cabas.
  5. Oh, how nice!! I've been there twice now, and I love it!! Antwerpen looks more like Amsterdam and Bruxelles just gives you that French feeling!! I love shopping in Bruxelles. It's just a 2hour drive from Amsterdam!
  6. Farah Just spoke to Mark i think. He put on the waiting list for one in black leather. He wasnt sure what size they will be receiving but hopefully both sizes :yes:

    I will finally move to a country that has Chanel. It's a big step in my life ;)
  7. Oh Mark is so helpfull!!
    You'll love it there!! specially when Chanel is so close to you!! And there's one in Antwerpen too...