Available Colors in General

  1. In the Birkin or the Kelly, what are the most difficult colors to find? what are the easiest ones? Does the leather type affect availability?

    How do special orders work?

    Please specify what styles you refer to in your reply. Thanks! I don't want to look stupid in front of a SA when at the boutique!
  2. I was told by my SA that black is a common color for a birkin, but because of that it is one of the hardest colors to actually get your hands on because they get snapped up so quickly. Most people want a basic, neutral color for their first or only birkin.
    And I have also been told that leather type does affect availability. Especially this year if you want an exotic skin because there have been problems with the dying process.

    As for special orders, good luck getting information on that. It appears that every boutique is different. With some you can just walk in it seems and place a special order without having ever bought anything (at least that is how some purse forum members said it happened to them). With other boutiques it seems that only regular, special, or VIP clients can place special orders. I guess it all depends on your boutique and your relationship with your SA.:shrugs:
  3. I'm going to quote one of the more experienced SA's here: "Hardest colors to get are black, gold, and blue jean. Easier colors are red, raisin, I believe green." I will say I've noticed the following, while NYC is the flagship store for the US and maybe North America, none of the neutrals will make it onto the floor. These are always kept in the back for regulars and VIPs. Most of the Kellys and Birkins that make it onto the floor are the brighter colored bags.
  4. I think it depends on where you are. Here in Hawaii, I have seen the black and the blue jean on the floor and tha harderto find one are the orange and potiron or the raisin.
  5. I've heard so many stories and seen so many different things with Hermes that I can't reply to this thread,.. I was able to get a BJ Birkin because it was a decline from another person, I also got my Marron Fonce Birkin on a decline. I guess everyone's elses delines was good enough for me,...
  6. Who cares who declined it!!! If it's a gorgeous bag... their loss, your CC's suffering. ;)
  7. The most popular colors in Palm Beach are the neutrals...in specific black and the chocolate family. They never reach the floor...ever! Birkins on a whole never reach the floor as well...there is alway a customers on a waiting list ready to be called for the purchase.

    Colored bags do not sell well. They will reach the floor and sit there for quite some time. I have noticed that the more popular bags in color will sell a bit easier, but still slow. Some bags will sit and sit and sit. You almost feel like they never move.

    You can be waitlisted quite easily, but I am beginning to wonder about that whole list to be quite honest. I think it is just a way to keep peace and make the customer feel like they are getting somewhere. Although, I feel there may not even be a list at all.

    Special orders are by pretty much an invite at my H...that is my story!
  8. Black & Blue Jean here are the most popular...in fact, when I was first interested in a Kelly, my SA mentioned it to the Store Manager, and He said "let me guess, Blue Jean - right????" (I actually wanted green - He was pleasantly surprised!!).

    Bright colours are generally more popular here in Australia, because we have a warm, BRIGHT climate....however, purely because of the cost of Hermes bags, people aren't prepared for theis first bag to be a bright, they want a "safe" neutral (can't say I blame them)....in fact, I rwad in UK Vogue once, that if you see a woman walking aroung with a "colored" Hermes bag, it's because she already owns all the neutrals!!!!
  9. I think that is the case for most people - neutral first and then bright colors. My SAs are all surprised when I told them I have to get fuchsia first, then follow by either blue or green, then yellow, then other vibrant colors, before I finally go to neutrals. I told them black/gold/white are probably the last ones I'll ever get and they too, must be in exotics ...

    In my local stores I also tend to see neutral colors more and occasionally some brighter colors such as orange, green, and a dab of fuchsia here and there. Blue Jean also seems to be quite popular, I can always see a blue jean Evelyne there.
  10. Well I guess everyone kind of knows by now that I LOVE bright colors and so I probably won't be getting any neutrals, but if I do, I will get brown or gold. I think the SA's were surprised too when I bought my first birkin in such a bright color, but they quickly realized that I want the bright colors.
  11. I just love bright colors, they really help brighten up my day ... Also, I figure neutral colors will always be around, but bright colors may be temporary so I want to get them before they are discontinued

    And my SAs were shocked when I told them I couldn't do orange, but they finally understood what i meant when I demonstrated it by placing the orange bag next to my face - skin tone issues
  12. i wish i had a spy cam in a boutique so i could actually see what colors make the floor. i'm in new york, and i don't know yet what color trends are more popular. i can see both neutrals and vibrant colors; then what actually makes the floor????
  13. When I was in New York they had a fuschia birkin that was beautiful. A lot of the kelly bags were in vibrant colors as well. I saw maybe one or two black or brown kellies.

    But out on the street, all I saw was black, gold, rouge H, potiron, and one dove gray ostrich birkin.
  14. i can just repeat what the other lovely< ladies already said. blue jean, gold, and black are THE bestselling colours worldwide.
    in fact at my boutique only one other customer and me are doing the vibrant colours all the others are afraid to stand out of the masses etc. and a lot of them can not justify that money for a colourful bag so they want to play it save.
    i adore colour as i think it just adds the right amount of terror to a simple black or white outfit and safes it from beeing too "boring" ;)
  15. that's the thing Lilach. i love color too. i rarely get a black bag, my only one recently was a chanel tote, but only b/c it doesn't look typical. my bags have to stand out a little but not over the top trendy that i'll get sick of looking at it. so i prefer colors that stand out, but not rainbow colors.

    i'm just trying to determine which colors i can realistically get in NYC (my hometown).