Available!Bordeaux "Hybrid" medium classic flap w/ new chain!

  1. My SA @Saks orlando just called me this morning about this bag. It is the classic flap with MM closure+Bijoux chain+caviar leather, medium size. If you are looking for the bordeaux reissue(Unfortunately it seems to be impossible to find one nowadays), maybe you will consider this as a substitute;)

    The store only got one, anyone interested please call Jackie at 407-376-2047. I have put it under my name(Joy) for one day. Hope one of our tpfers can get it:yahoo:Good luck!​

    Here is the pic I borrown from minnie04's post(which is by the way gorgeous!)

  2. Wish it was jumbo :crybaby:
  3. ohh if it was a jumbo....
  4. I would have called already lol.:yes:
  5. What does "hybrid" mean?

    Does anyone know the retail?
  6. omg i was so in love with this bag when i saw it....ugh must resist all temptations to call :push:
  7. I called and got it! I have been looking for this bag in this size, so I called Jackie (what a doll she was), and I should have it by Monday.

    Thanks so much Joy for posting this bag. I am new to this forum, and can see it's going to be very helpful (and dangerous too, LOL). I'll post pictures of it when it arrives at my home. Thanks again :yes:
  8. ^^Welcome to the board, and yes it is helpful, fun, and extremely dangerous! LOL
  9. Thanks for the welcome :idea:. I just love the idea of this section, where we can post bags we know are available to other members. This is great!:tup:
  10. Congrats on a fabulous purchase! Can't wait to see pics!
  11. joy , did you get yours?? its so pretty and casual looking..
    congrats to anybody that choose to purchase it!!!:tup:
  12. love it! any idea on the price? Ahh i was too late :biggrin: probably best this way...
  13. i think its around 2295.

  14. DD101, you are more than welcome! I am so happy to be able to help you find it:nuts: You are right, Jackie is very nice and she is really capable;)

    Looking forward to seeing your pics!

  15. Minnie, Travis called me today and he was gonna re-ship it to me. It is worth the waiting although I am very eager to see it IRL. You know, since I got it on that special day...haha:wlae: