Available black med. classic flaps w/ modern chain?

  1. Anyone know where I can find one of the above? Also, is a modern chain the same thing as a bijoux chain? I will probably order by phone so I want to make sure I am ordering the right thing. I am new to Chanel and have been learning much from all of you lovely ladies. This will be my very first purchase - so I write with trembling hands. Can't wait!
  2. the bijoux chain and the modern chain are different.
    the bijoux chain does not have leather threaded through it. if you check the reference thread you can find pictures of both.
  3. med classic flap comes with the bijoux or new chain (not modern which as said above is interwoven with leather!)The bijoux/new chain could be bright silver or pewter/oxidised silver but I think the latter only comes with the jumbo flaps not the med you're interested in.Here's a pic of my red med/large lambskin with the new/bijoux chain!
  4. mcflap.jpg