Available Accessories, Flat Clutch, Wristlet, Coin Etc?

  1. I need an accessory for my Bbag collection. Is the flat clutch and the wristlet the same thing? And if so are they still available, like in current collections? I have seen the wallets and coin purses in stores like NM an Barneys, though so far I haven't seen anything that is similar to the flat clutch or the wristlet, which is what I am wanting. Any advice or stores that you have seen the clutch/wristlet at would really be appreciated! Thanks:smile:
  2. I'm bumping this thread because I'm really interested in the clutch. I'm not crazy about the GH but since it's just impossible to find the old ones (:drool:)...

    Does anyone know when the clutches will be re released? Any info is much appreciated!
  3. BalNY said any day now, like 3 weeks ago. I'm giving Daphne a call tomorrow, I can ask her if she knows anything.
  4. Thank you cracker!!!
  5. me too...i can't wait to hear news abt re-issue the clutches esp flat ones...or even other wristlet bags....keep us posted;)