AVAILABLE: 2001 First Edition Gold Tag "Le Dix" flat brass first!!!!!!!!

  1. I know SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many people are looking for this bag - so I wanted to let them know that there is currently one FOR SALE on a popular auction site!! This is only the 2nd one I've seen on there in 3 years!

    Go get it ladies - lets hope this goes to a FP'ers!!!

    p.s. NOT my auction, I have no idea about the seller. etc. I just wanted our PF community to know! :flowers:
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  3. thanks for the heads up!! i'm still pining for one as gorgeous as yours..

    doesn't the strap seem kind of short to you? not that i don't think it's real but do you think they had the strap shortened or replaced? the strap connectors also seem kind of off to me, a little bit thicker than i'm used to seeing.. :confused1: (just to confirm, the seller is from france?)

    ETA: i don't have much experience with them. (it just looks different from my 02 caramel flat brass..)
  4. [​IMG]





    ^^Here's my bag for you to use to compare. HTH! :flowers:
  5. I love that bag!! :tender:

    Did you guys notice the rip on the handles at the back?

    I have emailed the seller in regards to the imperfections (or other) but no reply as yet..
  6. ^^Yes, you could have someone re-stitch that though. It's a normal defect with the 2001's. Its not a perfect bag - but these things are so rare!
  7. :girlsigh::girlsigh:
    Thanks for sharing Beau :girlsigh:
  8. beaux yours is so unbelievably gorgeous!!! can you wear yours cross body? maybe it's just the camera angle but the connectors seemed thicker than usual..
    it's the first time i've seen one of these for under $1k!!
  9. The 3rd season flat brass firsts have a longer shoulder strap than the first and second season :yes:. RDC posted a comparison pic in this thread:
  10. ^^ I KNOW - that's why I want a PFer to find it/buy it! As for the straps - the '03 isn't that much longer and it's much more of a big deal to have a '01 (to me at least). The leather was drier and more crackly on the '03s, the leather is like BUTTER on the '01's! I've also seen a fair amount of '02's or '03's on #bay, but only one other 2001, and I've looked for YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. <sigh> beaux, thanks for the heads up, but it still doesn't compare to YOURS!! (or slinks' for that matter!) sooo gorgeous. I hope I at least get to FEEL 01 leather one day- it's ok if I don't end up owning it. :girlsigh:
  12. sunny, ITA.. hehe beaux you need to stop posting those gorgeous pictures, i might have to :ninja: over to your place and fondle it!!!! :greengrin: just kidding, i love seeing it.. it's so beautiful. you're right, the leather does seem a lot more spectacular. i wish i knew about them in 01, what i would give to be able to buy one brand new from the store!!
  13. ^^AWWw, thank you ladies. You know my '01 is my pride and joy. If we ever have an East Coast meetup i'll bring it for all to fondle!

    I was just hoping some PF'er would find their dream bag by posting this. :heart:
  14. Wish me luck then ladies :greengrin:
  15. aki good luck!!! If you win it, can't wait to see pics!!