1. hi, I'm new to chanel (as I'm switching my interests from balenciaga) and was wondering if the modern chain totes are still available in stores? thanks so much - these different threads are very helpful in learning more about chanel. by the way I've recently purchased the melrose tote and have a beige grand shopper tote on it's way:yes:
  2. wow, this has been asked at least 3 times today! LOL!
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    Good luck!
  3. Another alternative to the traditional department stores would be boutiques in your area. If you call the Chanel number, 1-800-550-0005, they can tell you if the bag you are looking for was purchased by any boutiques near you. It is a place to start at least, and I have been shocked at some of the bags (supposedly sold out for a long time) that are still available at a store near me!