availability situation of soft and chain

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  1. I was wondering if the beige soft and chain hobo is readily available? I really want that bag but need instant gratification. I am hoping to be able to get one in the next week or so:yahoo: , but if there is a long wait I may just need to set my sights on something else.

    I am in Chicago but this would be first Chanel so I don't want to walk in Neimans or the Chanel store and get laughed out of the door by actually thinking I was going to get an impossible to find bag.

  2. I've seen it in the NM here in MI (sitting out on the shelf), so I'm sure it's not that hard to come by. It is a gorgeous bag. Good luck!
  3. u cant find it anymore by me
  4. Bergdorf Goodman (in NY) still have the beige S&C's in stock. And no tax if shipped outside NY/NJ.
  5. Neiman Marcus San Francisco and Nemian Marcus Palo Alto have the beige.
  6. Great! :yes: It swounds like I won't have too much trouble, thanks guys!

    Oh how long is the shoulder drop on that puppy? I have BIG arms :crybaby: or at least it seems that way because everytime I hear a bag is comfortable over the shoulder, I try them out and they are not.
  7. I was able to order it from a Chanel boutique a month ago. Good luck, I think they are still available.
  8. CHANEL at Nordstrom Mall of America has one more left.
  9. Thanks chanelboy, I take it from your previous posts that you work there??

    Hopefully it is still there when my ship comes in. I'll keep you posted. Let me know if you do work there
  10. I saw one today at Sak's and you know that you will get a $300 gift card with you purchase it this thursday..CHA-CHING!!!! Call my SA ,Joseph at 917-776-9353. I'm sure he will hold it for you
    Have Fun!
  11. I have seem them sitting on the shelf too. In fact just yesterday!
  12. Thanks! Totally missed your post. Extremely busy w/ work, no time to even check email much less tpf. Unfortunately even though I heard about the sale, I need to wait until next week. I promised my self no more credit card use under any circumstances. I just paid them off AGAIN I just dont have the discipline to pay them off. I am cash and carry now, or check card :smile: