availability question....

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  1. i just ordered a chloe bag from one of the nm bookmarked pages someone listed (thanks again, everyone who have been so generous in sharing:yahoo:) anyway, the handbag was listed as unavailable, but i was persistant in checking, and it finally came up as in stock, let me add it to my cart, checkout... and i have printed confirmation. my question is, i haven't been charged for it yet (i just ordered it a few hours ago online) and i gave a quick call to customer service, and the lady said as far as she knew i HAD gotten the last one... does anyone have any idea how long is "normal" to wait before giving up?
  2. I also wonder about it.
  3. Typically if you called and they said you:tup: got it, then you most likely did. I purchased several bags a couple of months ago and at times would be disappointed when it took a full day until they e-mailed saying I didn't get a particular bag. The few times I called to verify, and they told me I did get the bag....I did get the bag!:okay:
  4. If you click on "your online account" on any neiman webpage, just sign in and then click web order history. When you click on that specific order you will see if that item got cancelled or is in process.

    Sometimes the web order history is unavailable, but eventually it reappears!
  5. ^thank you so much! turns out, i accidently typed in my security code on the back of my visa wrong:cursing: so the woman told me to wait until tomorrow to call and see if it can be fixed... pray for me, i want that bag so badly:crybaby:
  6. oh no!
  7. ahhh my credit card was just charged... does this mean there's hope:yahoo:??
  8. i just called and it's on it's way... thanks again to everyone for posting their bookmarks, i'll finally have my first chloe:heart:
  9. Congratulations!!!

  10. Oh god. I'm praying for you...
  11. Congrats! Post pix when you finally get it. I feel like I went thru the pain with you