Availability of WOC in Paris/London/Dublin


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Jan 3, 2008
We are making a family trip to Europe this winter and will be in Paris and London. I'd like to buy my first Chanel, a WOC in black caviar with GHW. What is the likelihood this item will be available at a shop in Paris or London? I have no idea what their waitlists situation is in those cities. I can call a few days ahead of time but wondered if you had any insight?

Also, I will be in Ireland this spring. Would it be easier to get this bag in Dublin?

Thanks for any insight!


Apr 25, 2013
I just went to Rue Cambon in Paris early October and I believe they had the classic woc. The SA showed me various styles as I specifically asked for one that caught my eye as I walked in. I think with any store it all depends on luck, especially when it comes to classics. I don't know about other stores in the other two locations but Rue Cambon had a nice selection. I'd recommend getting your first Chanel anything from there as it's the first boutique ever opened. It'll make your item feel that much special.


Sep 4, 2012
From my experience in London black classic Wocs are readily available. In the Chanel Shopping forum there are London and Paris threads with lots of info and vat refund info too. Have fun on your trip!
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