Availability of the Mike and Chris Leather Hoodie

  1. Hi Everyone,

    After much thought i had decided to buy a Mike and Chris leather Hoodie but i missed out by a few days and they have sold out!!!! Does anyone know where i can purchase one online that does not involve pre-order?
    Also for those who have one, what are your experiences with it? are they comfortable? thanks :smile:
  2. try shoprobertson.com
  3. Thanks, no luck with Shoprovertson and Ron Harvet dont have my size :sad:
  4. What style are you looking for and in what size?
  5. The maxwell, dylan or donovan in a dark brown/espresso or cougnat (light brown) colour and a large size.
  6. DEFINITELY go through activeendeavors.com. Not only do they have free shipping and free returns, but you can get 20% off with coupon code "toutie." Plus if you don't live in Illinois, no sales tax. I love Mike & Chris hoodies, and I ordered a leather one from active endeavors and saved close to $200.
  7. I guess they only have the donovan right now, and only in black and not in your size. However, you can email them about what you want and see if they'll get it in stock. They restock fairly often.
  8. Thanks Nerdphanie. How do you like your jacket? which one did you get? I have emailed AE and await there response. Im not from the US so i think the rules may be a bit different.
  9. I got the Jesse in espresso and the Maxwell in black. I LOVE both of them. They fit a little tight, so I don't wear any jewelry on my arms, but they're comfortable. Couldn't be happier with them, and I'll wear them forever.
  10. are you only going to order online? I saw them at Barneys not too long ago (in LA).
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