Availability of phone pouch in the US?

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  1. Will post photos later of my new blue reissue WOC (love love love!) and silver reissue but in the meantime, I'm ogling that blue reissue phone pouch another tPFer bought in Hong Kong. Any word on US availability of that baby? And does anyone know the dimensions? I have a new Apple iPhone that needs a very nice bed because she's become very special to me and it may not fit. Of course, I thought that about my previous Blackberries until I got that iPhone in my hot little hands!
  2. I saw the phone pouch (in navy) in Chanel on 57th Street, NYC two weeks ago. You can always call them up and check if they still have any left. They are about 5.5 x 1.5 x 3.5...
  3. Oh! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I called immediately after I read your response a few minutes ago. A nice woman named Regina helped me. They didn't have the blue left but they did have gold and that nice SS08 metallic green reissue phone pouch and it's going to be shipped out today! This is a great color! I almost ordered a bag in that color but went with the regular dark silver instead (which has more of a pinkish cast to it than a greenish cast, to my eye). Although I love the navy metallic, I just got the WOC in the metallic navy and now I'll still have something in the green. Thanks for the dimensions, too. It looks like there's more than enough room for my iPhone, even if I leave it in its protective case. I'm so excited. Thanks again!
  4. The gold one was there next to navy one when I was there. But it was just not my taste, so I must have forgot to mention it! Lol~ I'm glad to hear they had green ones! While I still didn't see green in real life, the pics ladies posted here looked really nice. (I should go check them out unless you got the last one)

    I think you made the right decision. I don't think gold (in any size) of this season would be much sought after, when all the other colors are so much prettier. I thought navy one was really cute but as you said, you already got a WoC in same color. How do you like WoC so far? I was never interested in WoCs before but seeing the purple one another tPFer posted made me :drool:. I've been talking myself into getting one ever since I saw those pics. :shame:
  5. Congrats on the greeen....Im very interested in seeing these IRL.I also have an Iphone that needs a stylish home!LOL!
  6. I have an iphone too , can someone please post a picture of waht the case looks like, I am dying to see it. Thank you
  7. Not sure how to refer to other posts but photos of the navy were posted by bb2006 on Jan 14. I figured that the dimensions for the iPhone would probably work because one of the photos shows it next to the authentication card. Based on the relative size of the case compared to the card, it looked large enough.
    The title of the post was, "My New 08 Blue Reissue Phone Pouch & Ice Cube Flap" if you want to search on that.

  8. Sorry. That date is incorrect. The post was on Jan 24.


  9. I've become a WoC addict. I'm trying to carry less stuff with me during the day and when I do need to carry more, I can always just tuck the chain into the WoC and use it as a regular wallet for the day. I haven't actually carried the blue WoC yet (just got it on Sunday) but I have it in the classic black lambskin with CC closure and the silver 2.55 version. I love them all! I'm looking forward to getting a red lambskin version with camellia closure, which my local Chanel boutique (at Tyson's in VA) is reserving for me once it comes out.

    I can fit my cash, cards, iPhone, lipstick and a dispenser of Nars face blotting papers in there without it being too stuffed to access things easily. That's really all I need on most days. I go to the gym after work a lot but I have a small gym bag for my gym shoes and clothes and if I need to carry other stuff to work, I can just throw them in that bag.

    Thanks again for the pointer to the phone case! I've been thinking about that phone pouch since I first saw the photos last month but hesitated because I wasn't sure what type of new phone I'd get. Turns out it looks big enough not only for my iPhone but for other phones if I get phone fickle later (which was never a major consideration before but if I'm going to splurge on a $1200 phone case, it's going to be a once-in-a-lifetime thing that survives the rapid evolution of my cell phone choices! From now on, the ability of a new phone to fit into the case will be a major consideration when I pick a phone. That's kind of sick, really! :p The iPhone seemed so expensive at $500 but I could buy two iPhones for the cost of the case and have change leftover for a few months worth of the AT&T bills!)
  10. Hey Stacyef, is this the one that you wer lookin for??
    phone pouch in metallic 2.55.jpg
  11. My SA told me that those are still available in Chanel Wynn Las Vegas.. If anybody likes one, they can call the store anytime..:yes:
  12. ^ Ooh~ The one on the right is green, right?

    Stacy, I think it's soooooo cute! I really do think you made a good choice. And it's nice to hear how you can use a WoC as an everyday bag. I don't carry much things either and since there are card slots in a WoC, there's no need for a wallet either, which is the largest thing in my bags! I really should start calling up stores. I hope they still have some left for me to load up. Lol~ Enjoy your phone pouch and please post modeling pics when you get it!;)
  13. Yes. That's it!
  14. what is retail on these now?
  15. stacy, can you post pix of your WOC? All of a sudden I am interested in one...thanks to another tpf-er!