Availability of Montorgueil in Europe in April? - Should I WL?

  1. Hello Everyone! After nearly an eight month ban, I am finally back; and lemme just say - it's great to be back!!!

    I will be going to Europe in April and hope to pick up a Montorgueil PM and Epi Lockit while I'm there. I don't think I'll have too much issue with the Lockit's availability; but with the Montorgueil still being quite new at that time, do you think I will have problems finding one? :sad:

    (The cities I'm visiting which have LV stores: Venice, Madrid, Barcelona, and Paris).

    Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do to ensure I actually find a Montorgueil while I'm in Europe? :confused1: Should I somehow waitlist for one? (Can I even do that so far in advance of my arrival?)

    (I'm all paranoid because last year when I went to Europe, I wanted to get an Azur Speedy there - but they were completely sold out while I was there :crybaby:... so I really don't want the same thing happening again.)

    Many many TIA!!!!
  2. Hihi, you shouldn't have problems finding one - Paris is in the land of Vuitton and they should be well stocked. This may be better asked in 2 months ! Try to buy in Paris though because it will be the cheapest !

    I'm not sure if the stores will be able to take phone orders - but you should give that a try so you can just walk in and pick up your bags.

    PS Isn't 613 Kingston/Ottawa ?
  3. Hi

    One of the sure ways to get hold of the Montorgueil will be at the largest LV boutique in Paris, Champs Elysee.. :yes:
  4. Hi,

    I thought Paris would have everything I was looking for when I went last year too.....but they were completely sold out (I called the 1-866 # while I was there and went to the CE store in person) of the two items I wanted at the time: an azur speedy (both 25 and 30 were sold out), and an ivoire epi speedy 25. <--- That's pretty much why I'm so paranoid this time.

    I don't know what to doooo..........:sad:

    Oh and 613 is my birthday :smile:
  5. I hope they'll have it...but judging from my experience there last year....I'm all paranoid :sad:. (I went looking for azur and ivoire epi speedys ... and all stores in Paris were sold out .... probably because they were quite new at the time (April 2007)). But I'll definitely still go to the CE store....just to be completely and utterly surrounded by LV :yes:
  6. Hello guys, I just also want to ask if any of you know when it will be available in hong kong? Was there last week and they didnt have stocks yet. Would any of you know? Thanks
  7. does anybody have a clue if these wil be out in the UK at all??