Availability of Hollywood Flap from the Cruise Collection?

  1. Hi, I was wondering whether anyone has come across the new Hollywood flap from the Cruise Collection at any stores or boutiques? I am particularly interested in the one with silver, but I would definitely consider the gold as well.

    Also, the name of a particular SA that's been helpful would also be great info. TIA!
  2. I'm going to Chanel at Ala Moana tomorrow and I'll definitely let you know if they have it.

    Judy Chin is great.
  3. ^^Thanks, that would be great! Also, thanks for the SA suggestion. I know that there's a thread devoted to SAs, but it's difficult to know which one to use!
  4. If you are talking about the one slightly over 1K, then I think I saw it yesterday at Neiman Marcus, Natick MA. Call the store and ask for Mariana (the Chanel SA). Good luck!
  5. Malish, the bag I'm referring to had the metallic perforated leather. Is that the one you saw? I also think that the Hollywood bags are running over 2K.
  6. I waitlisted for these bags at both Nordstrom MOA and Saks Somerset (Michigan). I've been on a Chanel ban so I haven't even been to the stores to check out their merchandise, but it would appear that all of the department stores (including NM) and the boutiques are going to carry it, in silver and gold.

    For SA recommendations, I have:
    Lisa Hamlin at NM Somerset 248-635-8442
    Diane at Saks Somerset 248-643-9000 ext 5404
    Lucas at Nordstom MOA 952-883-2121 ext 1390

    They're all very helpful and know their merchandise. Good luck!
  7. ^^ Thanks, FanAddict! I've heard several very positive comments about Lisa, so I'll keep her in mind. I generally try to avoid Nordstrom because I get charged tax through them, whereas I escape that issue with Saks and NM.
  8. Portland Chanel in Nordies has them in stock. Use Laura if you call there... 503.224.6666
  9. ^^Thank you, oahctrec. I appreciate the info!!:yes:
  10. Saw other cruise bags at Ala Moana Chanel yesterday, but not the Hollywood ligne. I'm guessing they just didn't get them in yet? Or perhaps they already sold out.